Top 5 Methods that Ensure Best Land Clearing Buffalo NY
Best Land Clearing Buffalo NY  

Want to know the best methods of clearing your land? Here are the 5 best ways of land clearing Buffalo NY suggested by Branch Specialists. 

Cut and Grind

If your property is surrounded by smaller trees, this is one of the best land clearing Buffalo NY methods you can opt for.

First, the brush and the weeds are taken care of. For this, tree service companies use many tools and equipment depending on the job. After this, the trees are taken down using large machinery and are put in a pile.

Either the stumps are left behind or are taken care of with equipment like bulldozers, trucks, or backhoes.

 Alternatively, the stumps can also be mulched and spread across your yard to improve the quality of the soil.

Underbrush Clearing

This is another best land clearing Buffalo NY method that works great for smaller areas with fewer trees and stumps – and this method is less intense too. In these land clearing services, the brush is removed instead of peeling off the land to the soil.

Underbrush clearing is typically undertaken using hydro-axing and mowers. For clearing thick growth, hydro-axing is ideal, and mowing is used to remove the weeds.

 The best part of this Best Land Clearing Buffalo NY method is: it provides plenty of mulch for the topsoil and doesn’t disturb the surrounding plants or animal life. 

Grubbing and Dozing

This is another best land clearing Buffalo NY method. In this method, land clearing equipment is used to take care of a large piece of land quickly.

Though the method is quick, it leaves large holes on the ground, making the area look messy and rough.

Forest Mulching

This is one of the best land clearing Buffalo NY methods, hands-down! It helps to put the nutrients back in the soil during clearing and is able to handle any area of land. Moreover, they don’t cause any damage to your ground as well.

Forest mulching works by cutting down trees and stumps, then chomping them and spreading them all across the area. It not only saves time and money involved in clearing land, but it also protects the soil from erosion.

It also protects your trees and protects feeder roots from exposure. It also contributes to protecting wildlife by clearing off unnecessary or invasive vegetation and preserving the natural source of water.   

Hand Clearing 

Though this may be the least invasive way to clear your land and can also be time-consuming, it is the best land clearing Buffalo NY method when you are planning to clear a thin piece of land to build a house or other structures and create a safe buffer for fire dangers.


Now that you know about the best land clearing Buffalo NY methods, it’s time to choose the best one for your land. Hire our affordable land clearing services, and we will take care of all your land problems without any hassle.

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