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How Should You Deal With Termites On Dead Tree Stumps?

How Should You Deal With Termites On Dead Tree Stumps?

Termites in the yard are not something one must avoid. If you do, you’ll be exposing your home to a massive army of creepy termite infestations. The best way to eradicate this scary termite infestation is by hiring the best stump removal Buffalo NY services. 

Not convinced? Check the facts below!

Are Tree Stumps The Reason For Termite Infestation In Your Yard?

Yes! If you skipped on tree stump removal after cutting down your tree, the leftover stump may be a possible reason for the infestation. 

Termites love to shelter in tree stumps. They invade the stump from underground and make nests in them. These termites that attack from the ground are called “subterranean termites”. Formosan termite and damp wood termite are the two most common subterranean that infest tree stumps.

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How Can You Spot Termites In Stumps?

Tree stump removal is an essential undertaking for homeowners in Buffalo, NY, keen on preserving the aesthetic allure and functionality of their outdoor spaces. When a tree is felled or succumbs to natural forces like storms or diseases, the leftover stump can be a visual blemish that hinders the beauty of your landscape. Moreover, these stumps present potential hazards, becoming tripping obstacles for both children and adults alike. Trust Branch Specialists Tree Service Buffalo NY for professional and efficient tree stump removal, ensuring your outdoor haven remains both safe and visually pleasing.

This is how you can make sure termites have infested your tree stumps –

Unusual Noise

Termites are not silent creatures. They love munching on the stump wood and making a racket. So, at some point or other, you’ll likely hear them before you even see them. 

Not sure what you hear is termites? Put some rock music near the stump. It has been found that termites work faster while listening to music, just like humans. This fast working will up their munching noise as well.

White Ant Like Creatures

No! Ants are never white. But other creatures are! So, you can easily misidentify some other white insects as termites. Here’s how you can tell the difference between termites and other white creatures –

  1. Termites have straight and not bent antennae.
  2. The midsection of termites is larger
  3. The wings of termites are the same size as their body
Termite Droppings

After consuming the wood of the stump, the termites will most likely leave their droppings near and around the stump. Termite droppings are like grainy, brown-colored mounds. You can easily confuse them with sawdust. 

Holes In The Stump

Termites consume a stump from inside out and then move on to invade other stumps or other woody structures nearby. If termites are possibly munching on your stump, there will be multiple tiny holes on the stump. These cracks were drilled by the termites.

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Avoid And Prevent The Situation Through Tree Stump Removal Services

If you notice termites crawling in your yard stump, tree stump removal is the best course of action to kill the termites once and all. At Branch Specialists Buffalo, we efficiently tackle the stump through stump grinding. 

For the best stump grinding Buffalo NY service, we have a cutting-edge stump grinder. This machine chops away the stump until the whole stump is reduced to bits of mulch. Also, our tree arborists make sure to grind at least 10-12 inches below the grade. We do this to make sure the tree base and stumps are completely removed along with the termites. 

After the tree stump removal service, we refill the remaining hole with topsoil. We clean up the yard once again after the process to take care of any left-behind termites. 

Winding Words

Never consider burning or pouring chemicals to get rid of termites. This will not solve your termite infestation problem completely. Some termites may remain underneath the soil. 

The best solution for termite infestation is only and only tree stump removal. Hire Branch Specialists Buffalo’s tree stump removal services and save yourselves from thousands of creepy damages!

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