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Best Tree Service Buffalo Ny

Best Tree Service Buffalo NY: 6 Key Questions to Ask Them

When looking to hire the best tree service Buffalo NY, you need to make sure that you evaluate them well to get the best service and price. And the only way to do this is to know the right questions to ask them.

Asking the right questions to the tree services Buffalo, NY will help you get better insights into the removal process, the safety of the job, and also the details of the services as they vary from one company to another.

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  • Are you a Cert II or higher arborist?

When going for the tree service near me, it is crucial to know whether they have the necessary skills, equipment, and know-how to perform the job safely and reliably.

Don’t just go by their word. Ask the company to provide their Arboriculture Certificate or Diploma.

  • Do You Have Public Liability Insurance?

Tree removal is a dangerous and complex process- therefore, the company must be insured with public liability insurance that will cover the cost in case of any mishaps.

 Always make sure the company can provide proof of their insurance with a certificate of currency before you start the contract.

  • Have You Been In Business For More Than 4 Years?

With time, experience is built. Any company that has been in the business for years will definitely provide better services.

Ask the company whether or not they have been in business for at alteast 5 years. This will help you know how serious they are about their business and also know what they are doing in the business.

  • Are Estimates Free?

When vetting the best tree service Buffalo NY for hiring, you need to ensure that you get everything written in black and white.

Don’t get caught up on prices, instead, ask for detailed quotations.

  • Is Stump Grinding Included?

Most tree services Buffalo, NY, consider stump grinding as additional service, and some companies don’t.

Therefore, signing the contract, make sure you know what you are paying for.

  • Will You Remove All Debris From The Property?

Most of the time, this service is included in the quotation, but the companies try to get out of it or just do the half clean-up.

 Whenever getting an estimate from the best tree service Buffalo NY, make sure you know whether the cost will be separate or included.


The process of finding the best tree service Buffalo NY requires an understanding of the company’s experience, procedure, and equipment. This will help you make more informed decisions about the people you are inviting to your property and engage with their business and services.

At Branch Specialists, you don’t have to worry about these all at al. We are insured, certified and provide you a detailed quotation of everything included in our services. Call to get your free estimate today!