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Excavator v/s Bulldozer: Best Land Clearing Equipment to Clear your Land.

All the heavy land clearing machines are quite expensive. But bulldozers and excavators fairly stay on the cheaper side. So, it is easy to understand why the land clearing contractors near me go for one or the other. 

Both these machines have different settings hence they work differently for different functions. So, how will you figure out which of this equipment is right for clearing your land?

We will clear the air on it in this blog!

Excavator v/s Bulldozers

Excavators work great for land clearing if there are a lot of fallen trees, shrubs, and debris on the land. 

Bulldozers are best for removing standing trees, boulders, and large debris from land.

What Should You Use For Land Clearing: Excavator or Bulldozer?

Both excavator and bulldozer are excellent options for ground clearing. However, if you have access to only one of them, it is recommended to consider the possibilities of both.

So, let’s begin by examining the pros of both the land clearing machines.

Pros of Using A Bulldozer

Bulldozers have better pushing power than excavators. You can easily push boulders around and uproot huge trees without any disturbance.

The blades of the bulldozer can efficiently remove roots and keep away future weed growth. While pulling out a tree, you can dig below the stump with it to cut it apart.

Bulldozers enable partial reshaping of land while land clearing. You can flatten an area, create hills or slopes for running water.
You can use the bulldozer to quickly fill in an empty ditch with debris. 

Pros of Using An Excavator

While working with excavators, you can sit in on spot and manage everything from a distance. You don’t have to relocate the land clearing machine to change direction. An excavator can push and pull all kinds of debris efficiently and quickly.

You can dig trenches with an excavator without any problem. You don’t need any special attachments for it.

The stump splitter attachment of the excavator breaks trees into multiple pieces. You can also dispose of the pieces with the excavator shovel. 

The Downsides of Both The Land Clearing Machines

As with all land clearing equipment, you will encounter a few issues in both bulldozers and excavators. 

Here are the downsides of both the machines –

Bulldozers can pull roots easily but they are not efficient at scooping and digging holes.

If you are looking for pushing boulders and standing trees, the excavator is not the tool for you. They don’t have the equipment to strip roots and roll rocks.
You can’t operate the bulldozer from a single place. They need to be moved back and forth continuously.

Renting or buying an excavator for land clearing work will be more expensive than a bulldozer. You will have to spend more if you wish to use an excavator.

Final Takeaway

As you have seen, both the land clearing machines have their fair share of pros and cons. The cons will not be that big of a deal in the long run. 

The clever option would be to use bulldozers for knocking everything over and the excavators to remove it all.

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