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4 Most Common Tree Trimming Mistakes Homeowners Make

4 Most Common Tree Trimming Mistakes Homeowners Make

Many homeowners think that trimming is as easy as pie. The best tree trimming in Buffalo NY company does it with its eyes shut. But alas, this isn’t always true!

Homeowners and even certified arborists make tons of trimming mistakes due to a lack of knowledge or carelessness. These missteps can be enough to permanently damage or kill your precious tree. Hence, one must be careful enough not to make these grave mistakes. 

Below, look at 4 of the most common tree trimming blunders and how to avoid them. Check them all out to keep your trees happy and healthy for a long time!

Common Tree Trimming Errors 
  • Trimming In Callous Weather

This is one of the frequent mistakes made by amateur arborists and inexperienced homeowners. It can bring disastrous consequences for trees and you.  

Trimming a tree when it’s windy, snowy, or raining escalates the chances of injury to yourself and damage to the tree. This is because bad weather conditions make it more problematic to make precise cuts and handle the tools properly. 

If your trees need trimming urgently and the weather isn’t cooperating, call professional tree trimming services. 

  • Trimming With The Wrong Tools

When it comes to trimming, using the correct tool is vital. Failing to do so can produce poor results for the tree. At worst, you may inflict some serious injury upon yourselves.

In case you don’t have the proper trimming tools, don’t substitute them with something else. Also, if your trees are old or blunt, you should never use them. 

Call the local trimming services if you don’t have access to proper trimming tools. They can surely help you out.

  • Trimming Beyond Requirement

This is another classic blunder made by those unfamiliar with tree trimming. They get overzealous with the task and cut off more than the requisite amount. 

It is indeed tricky to determine how much to trim. Only the trained eyes of an arborist can determine this. 

If you’re also worried about over-trimming, cut a little off at a time. It is easy to take more off but it is not possible to put the branches back on once they’re removed.

  • Trimming With Improper Cuts

Knowing how to properly trim a tree takes a lot of skill and expertise. This is something arborist masters are trained through the years. 

Tree trimming cuts need to be

  • Well-placed
  • Sharp
  • Precise

If you have no idea how to make proper cuts, get professional tree care services to help you.

Avoid Tree Trimming Mistakes By Hiring Certified Tree Trimming Arborists

If you’re thinking of trimming your tree by avoiding these mistakes, it is best to get the help of expert tree services like Branch Specialists Buffalo. Their arborists have got the knowledge, skill, and tools to get the job done perfectly.

Get in touch with the professionals today!