Where Does The Tree Roots Go After Stump Removal Service?

Where Does The Tree Roots Go After Stump Removal Service?

Stump removal service: Tree roots can stretch for hundreds of miles. As trees age, they continue to spread their subterranean network slowly. This continued growth is part of why trees can weather heavy storms and survive for centuries.

When you cut a tree down, the stump still gets energy from the root network. But what happens to roots after the best stump removal Buffalo NY service? Are the roots still alive? Let’s check it out!

Do Tree Roots Die After Stump Removal Service?

The answer is mostly yes. The roots of trees naturally die after grinding the stump of a tree. However, some stubborn roots regrow instead of decomposing. But the chances of such regrowth are mostly low. 

Here is why the roots give up after the tree and stump removal process –

Just as roots transport water and nutrients up to the tree, they also get nutrition in return from the tree. The green color of chlorophyll is a by-product of trees converting water, nutrients, and water into usable, edible sugars. The entire tree, including the trunk, leaves, and root system needs these sugars to survive.

Cell growth within the tree is a collaborative process between its highest part and the lowest. The trunk in the middle joins the two so that they can make the requisite exchange. The tree trunk contains sap just like the human vascular system. The sweet liquid works like blood for the tree. 

The sugars from the leaves travel down to feed the roots and the body. When the tree is cut off, the sap seals the wound and coagulates.

How Long Does The Tree Roots Take To Die?

The decomposition varies according to the type of tree. The roots of old and large trees can take up to 20 years to rot and die naturally. In case, ants, bugs, and diseases shelter on the roots, the decomposition process will speed up.

Does Tree Roots Grow Again After Stump Removal?

Even before the stump removal process, the stump and roots begin the agonizingly slow process of death and decay. But some tree roots are not capable of putting off sprouts. These sprouts, called suckers, are the tree’s bid for renewed life. If the suckers manage to establish themselves, they will leaf out. They will also supply the tree roots with more sugars to survive.

How Can You Get Rid Of Tree Roots Yourselves?

The easiest way of getting rid of tree roots after stump removal is to wait them out. They will decompose naturally over the years. Although this process takes time, it is the least labor-intensive choice. Quite literally, you have to do nothing.

If you’re looking for a faster alternative, use the same stump grinder to chip the roots off. This process will take a day or two. The sad part is this option can be a hit and miss. That’s because tree roots are unpredictable, painful, and stubborn. They may not give it away to the stump grinder.

Another sure way to eliminate roots is to dig them out. Either you or the tree removal company can do this. But be aware that this process is quite tedious and labor-intensive.

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