Tree Trimming: Convincing Reasons On Why You Should Hire Professionals

You probably pass by innumerable tall, healthy trees around your neighborhood each day. And you may think they just grew that way. But NO – that’s not true!

In reality – their leafy crowns and balanced branch structure are the results of years of good tree trimming service. This service is performed by knowledgeable and experienced trimmers of professional tree services in Buffalo NY

You may be all pumped out now to get a tree trimming service for your beloved trees immediately.  It may even be tempting to save some time and money by putting the tree trimming service on your DIY to-do list. But we strongly advise against it. 

We are just not saying this – we have learned from seeing people make mistakes. And we hope to help you avoid the same hardships. Most often, homeowners and amateur tree trimmers make the following grievous trimming mistakes. 

Common DIY Tree Trimming Service Mistakes

Mistake #1 – Using Dull Trimming Tools

Did you ever try mowing your lawn with clogged grass chutes? Then, you must certainly know the struggle. 

When you cut grass with dull blades, you are left with big clumps of grass all over your yard. And you have to go back and cut the grass all over again. 

The same problem applies to a tree trimming service. But it gets worse. 

That’s because trees are only harder to cut – but more dangerous too. If you make a mistake trimming a tree with dull tools, those branches aren’t going to grow back as your grass does.

Mistake #2 – Too Much Trimming

Most often, homeowners think they need to trim more than they actually do. Over-trimming can really damage your tree – sometimes to the point beyond repair. 

The tree trimming service must get rid of dead and dying branches. But not the ones that are going to keep the tree alive. Being able to distinguish what should be trimmed and what should be left alone is a skill only certified arborists are trained to master. 

Mistake #3 – Flush Cutting

Thinking about busting out the chainsaw and going to town on that diseased branch? Have patience there, mate!

You may have the right idea of what to do. But how to do it is just as significant. If you trim too close to the trunk, you could injure your tree and create an uneven look on its bark.

That throws the aesthetics of your landscape right off the drain! Noto to mention – the open invite such injured trees gives to fungus, and pests.

Professionals can help fix some of these trimming mistakes afterward. But many of them are irreversible. So, it’s best to do the tree trimming service right the first time.  

Hire professionally certified arborists and steer clear away of these tree trimming mistakes. Still not convinced? Look at the benefits we have listed below!

Benefits Of Hiring Professional Tree Trimming Service

Improves Safety

Tree trimming isn’t only for improving your trees and yard’s appearance. 

Your trees can become hazardous during storms. It poses the risk of damaging your home or causing injuries.

Unhealthy branches can fall off any moment – proving dangerous to anyone in the yard. Professional tree trimmers will be able to remove such branches around the house. They can tackle challenging tree trimming projects safely. 

Identify Unhealthy Branches 

Branches that hang above or near your home aren’t the only risk. Unhealthy branches are more likely to break off in the wind and could pose a fall risk. Tree trimming professionals possess the knowledge and expertise to identify dying trees and branches that are susceptible to damage. 

Improve Health Of Trees

Tree trimming service is essential for the health and longevity of your trees. Professionals look for signs of disease and pest damage throughout a tree. They remove unhealthy branches to keep old trees healthy and secure. 

Eliminating dead branches will –

  • Increase growth
  • Improve the structure of trees
  • Allows more light to penetrate

Prevents Pests

A professional tree trimming service can prevent and reduce pest infestations. Your trees house a number of pests like termites, raccoons, and squirrels. Many of these pests can penetrate into your homes through the roof. 

Professionals will be able to identify signs of mold and other growth that entices pests. They will also be able to eliminate branches that have been infested by pests to prevent them from spreading.

Improves Curb Appeal

Trees are the focal point of your yard. Maintaining and grooming them can keep your lawn looking well-kept and clean. Tree trimming professionals can sculpt your trees in a way that’s both visually appealing and structurally sound.

Let Us Help!

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Our trained team of arborists can keep your trees healthy and vigorous by making the right trimming cuts, in the right places, and at the right time. We have over 10 years of experience in keeping Buffalo trees looking their best. So, rest assured, we will be bringing the perfect care for your trees. 

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