Planning to Enhance your Front Yard? Check Out the Best Trees to Plant

Best Trees: The front yard is the foremost thing your visitor and guest notice as they enter your property – and most of them make their judgments based on that first impression. Hence, it goes without saying how important it is to maintain a tidy and beautiful yard. 

While many ensure to keep their yard neat and good-looking, others don’t even give much thought to their outdoor space. Not to mention, plants and shrubs add color and shape to your yard, and trees make it look like complete scenery.

Most homeowners cannot decide how to plan their front yard and grow trees that will cover and enhance their yard. But since it’s your property and your front yard, it’s better to acquire more knowledge to help you make an informed and better decision to improve your outdoor space.

Branch Specialists is known for providing stellar tree service in Buffalo. Based on our years of experience, our expert team shares some of the best trees that thrive in the weather of Buffalo and can increase your property value and aesthetics instantly.

 Without further ado, let’s get started…

Trees To Enhance Your Front Yard
Japanese Maples

Japanese maples come in various shapes and sizes – which makes them a suitable option for different kinds of gardens. The most popular varieties of Japanese Maples are Bloodgood and Redleaf, and they add rich color to your yardAnytime these trees shed their leaves during fall, the branches and limbs offer strong lines that look beautiful with snow on them.

These slow-growing trees can grow up to 15-20 ft in length and spread to cover a good amount of space. Occasional trimming can help you manage them according to your preferences.

Crabapple Trees

Like the Japanese maples, all the distinct varieties of crabapple trees look stunning in the spring.

These slow to medium growth trees require minimal pruning – making them an excellent choice for your front yard. These trees grow into a round shape and attract various birds and pollinators.

Crabapple trees bloom brilliant pink flowers in spring and develop apple fruit in the fall. With moderate rain and direct sunshine, these trees will stay healthy for years.

Flowering Dogwood

If you’re not fond of crabapples, gorgeous Flowering Dogwood is the perfect competitor. These trees are famous for their springtime flowers and bright autumn colors.

Because of their classic rounded shape, these trees are often referred to as ornamental trees.

Flowering Dogwoods are medium-growth trees that can grow up to 30 ft in hardiness zones 5-9. With regular water, sunshine, and the occasional pruning, these are a great choice to cover your front yard.

Crape Myrtle

If you are looking for a tree that doesn’t require plenty of water but still has vibrant summertime colors – Crape Myrtle is one for you.

These trees are very popular in southern yards, and their leaves change shades ranging from orange, yellow, and red during the fall – giving a classic and distinguished look to your front yard.

The Crape Myrtle can grow up to 40 ft., requires minimal care, and is best to provide good shade to your garden.

Your Takeaway!

Trees cover a lot of space and give your exterior space a distinguished look. But it’s important to choose the one that compliments the architectural design and colors of your house.

If you’re all for it – and want to bring out the beauty and greenery of your front yard, hiring a professional tree service in Buffalo can help.

Contact Branch Specialists Buffalo, and we will make your outdoor space beautiful heaven filled with trees and greenery –  making it an ideal and healthy place to enjoy with family and friends. Connect today!

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