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Stump Grinding

Brought a Land to Build Your New Home? Land Clearing and Stump Grinding are Urgent!

Stump Grinding: No matter who and where we are, we all want to build our dream home. Spacious living room, aesthetic bathrooms, lush green outdoors – we wish it all and also work hard to make our desire come true.

Assuming you have bought up land and are starting to build your new home – and want to build it exactly as you have imagined – hold on, there’s so much to do even before the construction actually starts. 

And two of those unavoidably important things are land clearing and stump grinding. These two processes are pivotal to set the stage for the whole construction project and to help you build safer and more beautiful properties.

Why Professional Land Clearing And Stump Grinding Is Important?

During land clearing, professionals use heavy equipment like bulldozers, backhoes, etc. to remove any rock, trees, bushes, and big stumps obstructing the whole construction process. Only certified land clearing and stump grinding companies have the permit to carry out such complex, delicate processes – without hampering the vegetation of any property.

Crucial Reasons Necessitating The Need For Land Clearing And Stump Grinding 
Increase Usable Land
The upfront reason is to create the perfect space for home construction! 

Most undeveloped lands in Buffalo are covered with trees, shrubs, bushes and usually have uneven leveling. Branch Specialists Buffalo can help clean the undesired vegetation, and level the uneven land – ensuring you get a massive, usable space to build your home, just the way you wanted.

Removes Termites in Old Tree stumps

Termites are the worst thing that can happen to any homeowner. Dry tree stumps attract unwanted insects like ants, beetles, and cockroaches. Along with this, big, unremoved stumps can attract larger critters including raccoons, possums, squirrels, and even snakes – and who would want snakes in their outdoors?

Promotes safer properties 

Land Clearing reduces the chances of fire by eliminating the build-ups of twigs, dry leaves, etc., and creates a natural firebreak. Along with posing a fire hazard, rotting and dry woods can also harm and fall on passers-by and can damage your property during storms and strong winds.

Tree service professionals can detect which trees are infected with airborne viruses like mold, and remove them before the pollens infect the nearby plants and cause allergies to people.

How To Dispose Of Old Tree Stumps?

Burying stumps: This is the most common and cheapest way of stump disposal. As the tree stumps have a bigger extensive underground root system (not quite visible on the surface) – burying isn’t the ideal way but it works great as a quick fix.

Grinding: If you decide not to bury or remove the tree stump completely (because you care about vegetation!), the best way is to grind them. After the tree has been cut down, a stump grinder will chew away all the stump wood that’s left.


These processes are arduous, take a lot of time, need heavy equipment and expertise to get it done correctly and safely. Both stump grinding and land clearing require powerful and sharp rotating blades to cut through rocks and other obstructions, hence it’s recommended you must only opt for specialists who can do the job safely.

If you just bought land to make your home or want to clean your outdoors that’s full of unwanted vegetation, reach out to us. Branch Specialists provides one of the most affordable and reliable land clearings and stump grinding services in Buffalo, New York. Connect today!